We are specialist web application developers with expertise in the fields of user interface and graphic design, computer science and software engineering. We like finding creative solutions, creating things and seeing the end results enjoyed by our clients and their users.

Our staff are multi-talented and have a mix of creative and technical skills. This means that our graphic designers understand what it's like to develop for the web and mobile devices, our programmers have an appreciation of aesthetics and usability, and our content writers can also code HTML. We have staff with these skill sets:

Usability analyst/ethnographer/software engineer, who can help you understand the problem you are trying to solve. Quite often what people say they do is different from what they actually do. Observing what they actually do in the context of their work gets straight to heart of the problem. This person is responsible for identifying the issues and start briefing the rest of the team on possible technical solutions and strategies.

Usability researcher/information architect/project manager, who conducts usability research, website audits, applies usability best practice, and draws from vast research experience running focus groups and usability workshops, to inform the user interface design and high level structure of website.

Software engineer who has creative flair and also delivers the training for the applications created. This means that the end-user is always considered and there is an appreciation of the balance between technology, aesthetics and function. The software engineer takes a design and creates database-driven applications for the web, MacOS X and iPhone/iPad.

Graphic designer who can code HTML and CSS. This is a rare combination of skills. Appreciating the limits and possibilities of the web means that the designs are already optimised and there is less effort required during web site production.

Content writer/survey designer and analyst/market researcher. This is another rare combination of skills. Our content writers understand what it's like to be reading what is written. This means that content needs to be to concise, skimable and written at a level that will engage your audience.